Please consider donating to our non-profit organization to help us reduce animal overpopulation in Southern California.

We are always in need of monetary donations, which can be made via PayPal, or by bringing your donation to any of our events.

Where do your donations go?

Mobile Spay/Neuter Clinic

At each of our events, we contract out a company who comes in a van to spay and neuter animals onsite. Each clinic costs approximately $8,000 and we are able to fix upwards of 30-50 pets.  We need help raising money to cover logistical, transportation and technological costs for our events.

Some examples of things we are trying to raise money for include but are not limited to:

  • mobile internet required to access our database of clients and check in patients at events
  • a cell phone line to be able to contact clients and schedule appointments
  • a new or lightly used box truck to help transport the many supplies and products we have at our events
  • liability insurance
  • chairs, tables, and easy ups for our volunteer stations
  • our ever growing vet bills when we help those less fortunate who cannot afford vet care that we do not provide on site
  • lunch and drinks for the volunteers at events (who often spend 8-12 hours at our events in order for them to move smoothly)

Other Types of Donations

We greatly appreciate donations that are not monetary!