Upcoming Fundraisers

Git along, little doggie–uh, dogie, and we’ll lasso up some great food, drinks, sounds and lots of yee-haw fun! Your $25 will grab you a taco dinner (we have vegan options for cowpokes who don’t like to poke cows), mighty fine craft beers and handcrafted soda pop, Don’t tell the sheriff, but we’re giving you $100 in “funny money” that you can use in the ol’ saloon playing roulette, poker and blackjack. And y’all can absquatulate with some durn fine prizes from gaming and in the silent auction (you gotta spend actual tin for that). Best of all, you’ll be helping folks spay and neuter their pets, which Fix Long Beach does for free for folks who can’t afford it–all the greenbacks you spend will be used at Fix Long Beach!

Tickets will be available at the door or online–keep your ear to the ground (and watch out for cactus). Corporate sponsorships will be heartily welcomed!

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